Brandon is a Sound Professional based in Los Angeles, California, specializing in narrative and episodic capture for motion picture, and entirely willing to travel. He started in music production in his teens, then gravitated into Post Sound working for the the company "King Soundworks" in his early 20's. This was a comprehensive introduction to Sound for large format Film & Television, where he fell in love with sound design and the role it plays in filmmaking. Over time, he had learned what it took to make a compelling soundtrack, with a military-grade training of each of the many departments of post sound.  He also simultaneously worked on short films as a production mixer on the weekend, learning how it all worked as a whole. After a while, the demand increased and he left King Soundworks to pursue other endeavours; recording and designing the soundtracks for various independent films. He would then travel the world for a few years, doing production and post sound on the same movies. This really gave insight on what is truly important on a film set for sound, and what we can let go without compromising the performance. After about 30 or 40 projects, Brandon was determined to find any opportunity to work on the big shows. He realized the only way into that world is mentorship, and being willing to be of service. He was offered a job as a Union Boom Operator and accidentally got really busy with that, going basically non-stop show to show for years.  Now it's a quest to get back to the mixing console, where he feels most comfortable. In the mean time, He does all the second unit mixing on all the shows he Booms, and enjoys riding his bike to work as much as possible.